Cesar Argonez

Artist - Over 20 Years Experience out of DFW, TX Influences: Luis Silva, Jack Rudy, Paul Booth, Richard Stell Born and Raised in the Bay Area of California, Ceasar moved to DFW back in '95 to begin his tattooing career. He has worked at multiple studios in the area throughout his 20 years of experience and … Continue reading Cesar Argonez

Hector Ortega

Artist - 20 Years Experience out of DFW, TX Influences: Rustys Gordon, Filip Leu, Chris Trevino, Richard stell, Scott Cooksey Born and raised right in the heart of DFW, Hector has worked at multiple studios throughout his tattooing career. Being a well-rounded artist, he can tackle just about anything that walks through the door, and he enjoys … Continue reading Hector Ortega

Greg Sullivan

Artist - Over 20 Years Experience out of DFW, TX Influences: Bob Tyrell, Marshall Bennet, Filip Leu, Jeff Gogue Greg is a man of few words when asked about writing this bio he just laughed and said: "Yeah, OK." In all honesty, though, He's a no-nonsense kind of guy who produces solid work daily, what more … Continue reading Greg Sullivan

Sparrows Tattoo Company

Established 2007 Located at the border of Arlington and Mansfield, our 4,000 Sq. ft. the studio boasts private rooms for all our artists, an art gallery, and multiple lounge areas for you to make yourself at home while we prepare the perfect tattoo for you. Here at Sparrows, all of our artists take great pride in their work, … Continue reading Sparrows Tattoo Company