Sparrows now Offers Permanent Makeup

Sparrows Tattoo Company is now offering permanent makeup tattoos. The well-known tattoo studio in Mansfield Texas has broadened its body art horizons and is now offering eye-liner, lipstick, and eyebrows tattoos for the people that are tired of applying makeup every single day. The daily stress of not only applying the makeup but the desire to get it perfect is enough to make anyone consider a more permanent solution.

Kat Soto of Sparrows Tattoo Company, a professionally trained makeup artist, has picked up the tattoo machine in the name of beauty. She received her training from the well-known DFW permanent makeup artist Vicky of Making Faces and is quickly gaining experience applying amazing makeup on local clients.

Kat, despite only being 20, began her career at Sparrows over a year ago and has chosen not to go the route of tattoo apprentice, but dares to be bold in her own ambitions to do permanent makeup as a way of finding her own art form. Kat has always loved art and enjoys painting, and hanging with her friends.

Kat is now offering free consultations for permanent makeup on the eyelids, lips, and eyebrows. Soon she will also be tattooing nipples for those without. Kat asks that all new clients please bring the makeup that they desire to get tattooed on them. Typically the skin tone will dictate the color of the ink used, but that is a decision that finalized during the consultation before the appointment is set.

The application process requires more than one sitting and will require healing time in between appointments, just like tattoos. The more chances that Kat has to touch up the makeup, the better it will ultimately look.


Eyebrows with microblading- $500                 Eyeliner- $400                             Lips- $350