William Wallace Wilmerton the Seventh


Influences: Richard Lee Becker, Big Spanky Johnson, Clint Cummings

Will, aka, Seven tattoos, has found a home at Sparrows Tattoo Company in Mansfield Texas. He joins an exclusive line of professional artists the give Sparrows its outstanding reputation.

Will hails his tattoo skills from the far north, in Tacoma Washington. He began learning from his uncle, and by spending time in his tattoo shop after school at only fourteen.

“I still remember hanging out at my uncle’s tattoo shop,” said Will. “They put me to work there after school doing cleaning and helping where I could, it wasn’t long before I picked up a machine.”

Will fell in love with the tattoo lifestyle and culture which naturally progressed into a lifelong progression with tattooing. After spending time managing and developing his unique tattoo style around DFW, he finally landed home at Sparrow’s Tattoo Company.

Will specializes in comic book tattoos as well as full-color custom ink with creative hues and play on colors. He is also finely tuned on script lettering and has flawless cursive techniques that create beautiful lettering tattoos.