covid-19 update:

Thank you for taking an interest in our shop even in these troubling times! We love to see all of your faces and help you with your body modification needs. But we do have a few guidelines that we need all of our returning and new clients to follow.

If you don’t have an appointment, are not trying to make an appointment or are not attempting a walk-in/consultation for either a tattoo or piercing, you cannot enter the shop. Due to the COVID-19 city ordinance we can only operate at 25% capacity so, if you are not getting anything done, or accompanying a minor, you must wait in your car. 



Appointments for piercings aren’t necessary. This is only because our piercer is at our shop from open to close everyday except thursdays so, you are free to walk-in at any time! We do require you bring a photo ID. If you are a minor, you need both a photo ID and your birth certificate and a parent or guardian must be present with their ID as well. Both the minor and parent’s ID’s must have identical last names and guardians must bring legal documentation of guardianship.

List of valid photo ID forms include:  


-Driver’s license


-(minors only) School ID


When it comes to tattoos, they’re a bit more tricky. Okay, a lot more tricky. Walk-in slots are actually just holes in our artists schedules so, they are very random and are in no way guaranteed. Especially in this time, most all of our artists are booked up anywhere from a week to one month and squeezing in walk-ins is somewhat difficult. That is not to say that you shouldn’t try! It never hurts to ask and walk-ins are always welcome! So, just give us a call or, step into our shop to see what we’ve got going on for the day. Just be aware that you may not be able to get tattooed the day you come in to the shop, but we can always sit you down with an artist to do a consultation and book an appointment for a later date or you can get in contact with an artist through their portfolio pages. We are always determined to help out our new and returning tattoo enthusiasts with any pieces they’re looking to get. Thank you for your patience and continued love and support for our shop!!


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We would also like to extend a very large thank you to all that participated in our Tattoo Raffle.
We collected $1000.00 and have just donated this to Fight CRC. This donation is in Honor and memory of Clint and his courageous battle with Colorectal Cancer. This disease is no longer for those 50 and above. It’s striking young adults at an alarming rate. Renee NayNay Cummings ,Lenny Cummings, Cody Cummings and everyone here at Sparrows want to thank you for your unwavering support. We plan on doing another Raffle soon.